Cara Ivy The Financial Coach

caraMy name is Cara Ivy, and I am the founder of the Ivy League. My goal is to increase financial literacy, encourage conscious thinking, and influence decision making.

Growing up, I didn’t know what a financially sound decision looked like. With all of the worlds influences, and little financial guidance I mishandled my money and found myself with $19.000 in credit card debt, and a 545 credit score. One day I got sick and tired of being broke and undereducated, so I set out to figure out how to handle my money; my future depended on it.


I shifted my mindset and perspective regarding money and thats when it all began. A few tears, sacrifices, lessons, and months later I paid all of my debt and raised my credit score to a 767. During the process, I learned I’m not the only one suffering from this same problem, and have been able to help others identify their habits, and increase credit scores as well!

All of our thoughts, feelings, and actions contribute to who and how we are. I am here to help restore balance, establish priorities, and encourage determination, which ultimately end in positive outcomes! ¬†Most everyone has financial goals, and an effective plan can lead to success. If you don’t know where to start, or what to do, The Ivy League, LLC. is here to help.

Cara Ivy

The Financial Coach