Friends and Bill Collectors…My Outcome From Treating Them the Same

             I am a huge advocate of keeping my word.  I will go out of my way, literally, to do what I’ve said I will do. While some think its unnecessary, to me its vital; if I don’t have my word, what exactly do I have again? Anyway, the methodology used to approach my personal finances is the same tactic I use with my friends; open communication.

I am a boisterous individual with an opinion on almost everything under the sun; I ask questions, debate, offer my sometimes unwanted opinion, and engage in conversations with any friend who is willing to listen.  As my walk to financial freedom started I was nervous about speaking up but I asked my self one simple question: why?  Afterall, the last 29 years I’ve always expressed my concerns; why get quiet now? Here are are a few things I was able to get done because I kept my word and my lines of communication open:

  • Late fee waived: I was a day late and a dollar short; and the late fee for my credit card was $25. I simply called, explained my situation, and they waived the fee with no hassle.
  • Lowered interest rate: I consistently pay my bill on the due date. Me signing my name on that contract was me giving my word, and each time I paid that bill I was keeping my word. Eventually I decided to request a lower interest rate.  Why? Because I didn’t want to pay them anything more than what I owed them…and it worked.  My grandmother told me the worse answer I could get to any question is no but don’t always assume the worse.
  • Payment arrangements: Sometimes it gets tough and if you can’t make that payment on time its best to let your bill collector know. There may be other ways you can prevent your account from going into collections or tarnishing the relationship you’ve built over time.

Open lines of communication alleviate uncertainty, and keeps all parties aware of what’s going on. Effective communication can also prevent potential problems from happening and gives relief.  If speaking up can keep an extra $25 in your wallet, why not say how you feel?  Always feel comfortable with expressing your constructive, respectful, thoughts with anyone who calls you several times a day; those bill collectors have no problem calling before and after work.

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