Take a Second to Think About It….

It has never been easier to purchase products and services than it is right now.  The methods you can spend money are becoming increasing available, and innovative! I sat on my phone while texting my husband and purchased a desk for my daughter; with the entry of a credit card number, I had a huge box at my doorstep within 7-10 days.  We have the capability of having the world at our doorpost, simply by swiping right! While this is convenient, if you aren’t careful, this could open up a new world of financial worries.  This accessibility is good for some things, but not everything.  Before making these purchases, determine if you really need the item(s). Ask yourself a few questions and try a few things.

If I didn’t purchase this today, how would this effect my life?

Need vs want: Which one is it?

Am I willing to sacrifice the purchase of a budgeted item in place of this one?

What am I really missing out on if I wait another month to purchase?

When the urge to “swipe right’’ comes over me, I take a step back from my phone or computer.  Sometimes the impulse to “buy now” makes us feel like if we don’t buy it, we are missing something.  You aren’t.  Trust me; it’s ok.  When they say patience is a virtue, it’s true. Impulse shopping sometimes speaks to a need you are attempting to fill on the inside, and the item you’re looking to purchase will not bring you the satisfaction you’re truly yearning for.  Words and phrases such as “sale” or “act now” are beyond tempting, but you can and will be able to think it through.  Never allow the purchase pressure to get to you; you have control of your wallet and your life.

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