New year, new me…same mindset? Not quite…

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Happy New Year!

As we embark upon this new year, we are bombarded with New Years resolutions. From losing weight, to improving credit scores, to putting ourselves on the top of our priority list, most all of us are declaring change for the new year. As I sit back and meditate on some of the changes I plan to make within the next 374 days, I can’t help but to acknowledge the fact that I have wonderful ideas which require something different than what I gave 2016. If I plan to see a change, I must do something different. Here are some of the strategies I plan to use to ensure 2017 looks nothing like 2016.

• Take small bites from my big goals: My big goals are just that…big. When it comes to making things happen, I always take it to the limit. I’ve declared 2017 as the year that I plan to make fireworks. In order to make that happen, I have to work a little bit each day. One thing I’ve learned is if I attempt to eat more than I can handle, I get prematurely frustrated, discouraged and quit. To prevent that outcome, I’ve decided to chop my annual goal into 12 pieces and take on one piece each month. No time to get overwhelmed in March; the rest of the year needs me!

• Have a reality check: If I don’t know where I really stand, I won’t know where I’m going. Reality checks can be intimidating; it requires you to be honest and sometimes it feels pleasurable to think you are better off than what you actually are. I’ve decided to interrupt my flow, and take a long hard look at what
I’m actually achieving. I’ve found when I am honest with myself, it hurts in the beginning but I appreciate it near the end.

• Make pit stops: During NASCAR races, drivers often make pit stops to confirm the vehicle is performing at its highest possible ability. While it may seem pit stops will slow you down, if planned properly, it could help you finish the race faster than your opponent. Pits stops will allow me the opportunity to check-in with myself. I can make sure I am on the right track, I’m working smart and not hard, and allows me to take a quick moment to breath before I finish my race. My pit stops will include conversations with my friends, date nights with my spouse, random dance contest with my children, and quiet time alone. My mental, and emotional stability is just as important as accomplishing my goals; pit stops are critical in making these 2017 dreams a reality.

I am more than excited to see what this new year has in store for me. To make sure 2017 is a success, I will incorporate all of my strategies and watch the results unfold. Join me in making this year the best one yet!!!

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