New Year, New Goals: Mid Year Check-In

Happy Mid New Year!

Today is Friday, June 1st! Can you believe it? It feels like we were just sitting on the sofa, toasting to a new 2018 and setting new goals. To say time is flying is an absolute fact and it’s not waiting on anyone or anything.

For me, June 1st represents a time of reflection and realignment. I like to look at it as a Mid Year celebration, lol.

Aside from welcoming the summer months, and preparing for holidays, I like to revisit those New Year goals to see how much I’ve actually achieved from my vision board. Here are a few questions I ask myself to keep me on track to making dreams a reality.

1). Are my goals still relevant today?

Life – it’s happening, daily. We deal with so much day in and day out that some things we longed for at the start of the year no longer matter. I remember when I set my initial goal to become a full time entrepreneur. I lost 2 close family members within a short period of time, causing my goals to be adjusted. If this happens, remember IT’S OK.  With all that life has to offer, its changes will put us in a space where those new year new me goals can become irrelevant. Take time to really look at your life and if the goal doesn’t fit, let it go.

2). Are you at least at the half way mark??

Most times we set out to hit goals that have specific numbers attached to them. For example, I want to save $1,000 and lose 30 pounds. In these instances, its simple: By June 1st have I saved at least $500? Am I down at least 15 pounds? If I am, great. I can continue doing what I’m doing for the rest of the year and achieving my goals become that much more realistic. If not, what do I need to do to make it happen.

3).  Am I really giving all that I’ve got???

Sometimes you have to check yourself, and be completely honest. If I want to save $1,000, but I spend every dime that touches the palm of my hand, I can’t be mad if my savings account has $27. Honesty is the best policy and is required to make change. If I still plan to achieve my goal of saving $1000, it’s time to kick it into overdrive for the next 6 months and make it happen! If that goal is now unrealistic, its time to readjust (with no hard feelings) and go for round 2!

Mid Year Check-Ins help keep me accountable. They give me clarity. They encourage me to keep going, or advise me to reroute.  Check-ins make December 31st a day to look forward to.

Do you have a mid year check in routine? How are you checking off the things on your vision board? Let me know!

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