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Your money mindset determines your earning potential saving capacity, & and spending habits


Hi! I’m Cara, your Personal Money Mindset Coach and the creator of The Ivy League, LLC.

I use my personal debt triumph and proven money management strategies to help my clients strengthen their Money Muscle and establish healthy financial behaviors that create generational wealth.

To put it simply, I turn the light on so you can see, save, and spend your money intentionally.

After 10 years of working in the finance and insurance industry, I knew that financial freedom shouldn’t be a secret or reserved for only a select group of people. I took my hard wins to provide you with life changing financial lessons.

You can ask me how I killed 19,000 in credit card debt and achieved a 781 credit score! (I’ll teach you how to plan your way out)

You can ask me how I’ve helped over 100 families change toxic financial behaviors. (I’ll teach you everything I learned the hard way)

You can ask my family or me how we never have to sacrifice our lifestyle and how you can do the same. (I will teach you how to tell your money what to do)

Speaking of family, they’re what’s most important to me; Mr Ivy, Caylin & Bean. They hold me accountable so that I can do the same for you as a Coach and Cheerleader!


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Out My Feelings, In My Bag


Cara regulary speaks to families and professionals, and millennials at conferences and seminars about establishing a healthy relationship with money and credit . She is the host of a webinar on Money Mindset called In My Bag, Out My Feelings. You can follow Cara on Facebook @The Ivy League.



Cara Ivy

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