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I said “I do”, but does that mean my credit did too?

Disclaimer: I live in the state of Michigan, a state that is not a community property state.  The questions and answers in this blog reflect information applicable to a non-community property state.                   August 9, 2009 I made the best decision of my life; I married my best friend.  For richer or poorer, in sickness […]

I need a car…crap…what now?

Back in 2006, I purchased a fire engine red Dodge Neon.  I loved my car; for $20 I could fill up the tank and drive 150 miles south home from my college campus. The maintenance for my car was fairly inexpensive and although my car wasn’t featured in the latest rap video, it was mine.  […]

Welcome to The Ivy League

  Go to work. Get paid. Pay bills. Buy an outfit. Go to dinner.  Go to bed. Wake up. Check account. Notice my check is spent. Start over. For a long time, I thought this was it.  I thought this was the way to live; I thought this is how the world operates and I […]